Superior weldability

The low carbon content makes the rebars welding-friendly. One can butt-weld or lap-weld them.

High load-bearing capacity

The controlled thermo-mechanical treatment results in TMT bars with a uniform and thick tempered martensite rim and a ferrite pearlite centre for greater load-bearing capacity and fatigue resistance.


As these rebars are made with Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) method, they are residual-stress free. This results in superior corrosion resistance.

Unbeatable ductility

With a unique microstructure, Fe500D has excellent bendability. The rebars can be bent to exact angles around mandrels.

Elongation advantage

Adding to the strength is the higher elongation compared to ordinary TMT bars.

Super strong

The high-on-strength TMT bars make concrete structures stronger by up to 20% which means savings in steel consumption.


Made from the best prime billets using German Turbo Quench® technology, the BEEKAY Turbo Fe500D rebars bring a mix of superior strength and high ductility. This ensures a longer life for the concrete reinforcement structures and high earthquake resistance compared to CTD bars. The deep ribbed design with closer rib spacing achieved through computer-controlled CNC machines creates better bonding between steel and concrete. Thus, you get ‘Max strength, Max ductility and Max bond’ with BEEKAY Turbo Fe500D.

Upgraded infrastructure and state-of-the-art plants ensure that the rebars have just the right proportion of sulphur and phosphorus. This gives them greater thermal stability and makes them more earthquake resistant.

The rebars meet and surpass the IS:1786 benchmarks.

Chemical properties

Properties Unit  BEEKAY Turbo Fe500D IS1786 Fe500D Primary producers Fe500D
Carbon % 0.25 max 0.25 max 0.25 max
Carbon equivalent % 0.40 max 0.42 max 0.40 max
Sulphur % 0.035 max 0.040 max 0.035 max
Phosphorus % 0.035 max 0.040 max 0.035 max
Sulphur + phosphorus % 0.070 max 0.075 max 0.070 max

Mechanical properties

Properties Unit  BEEKAY Turbo Fe500D IS1786 Fe500D Primary producers Fe500D
Yield stress (YS) N/mm2 540 min 500 min 525 min
Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) N/mm2 600 min 565 min 600 min
UTS/YS Ratio 1.12 min 1.10 min 1.15 min
Elongation % 18 min 18 min 18 min